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Upcoming Kettlebell Workshops

A quick note to announce the dates of the next Kettlebell workshop.

9th May – Level 2 Workshop, 12pm -2pm. Building on the foundation of level 1, we introduce the Clean, Push press and the Turkish Get up. Places will be limited to ensure quality of instruction.

13th May – Level 3 Workshop, 12pm-2pm. This workshop introduces the classical Kettlebell lifts, the Jerk and the Snatch. These are technical in nature and so this workshop is open only to those with existing kettlebell training or have participated in the Level 2 workshop. The level 3 lifts are the backbone of Girevoy Sports and are phenomenal conditioning exercises involving the whole body.

13th June – Level 1 Workshop. 12pm-2pm. The basics, open to anyone interested in learning more about kettlebell lifting and it’s associated training methods. Covers the Swing, Squat and Press.

Drop me an email on to book your place.

Regards Dave

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