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So the Olympics are in full flow. The wife and I sat for a couple of hours over weekend enjoying the Judo and Swimming events, all going well I’ll be able to catch up on the Rowing and Gymnastics too.

It’s always a pleasure to watch the Games, to see the level of dedication and determination. To be inspired to keep on training ourselves.

I love seeing the competitors as they approach their start point completely focused, seeing team members applaud each other at the end, regardless of win or loss.

I love that all the trash talk, politicking and pettiness falls flat the minute an athlete takes of their tracksuit and prepares for action. All arguments are null and void, all that matters is who crosses the finish line first, who racks up the most points, who does more.

I love the purity of it.

Yes you can talk about doping and performance enhancing drugs, blah blah. I’m sure many will fail the random tests, others will pass. But no one can take away from the years of hard work that went into getting that start line.

Their passion and dedication should have a filter down effect to us, the normal folk. We may not be the physical elite, but we can show the same levels of determination and drive. We can still push ourselves and strive to be that little better each and every day. We can still do enough so that we can sit down each evening and know that we are better now than when got out of bed in the morning.

For us, every day is our Olympics.


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