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Unbalanced Training

We talk a lot about balancing the training.

But for periods of time, it's a really good idea to train in an unbalanced fashion.

ie, work on a specific area while putting other areas on the back burner.

Maybe it's time to do a month of pull ups Maybe it's time to do a month of lower body work only

Maybe it's time to get that left leg as strong as the right

Maybe it's time to work on mobility instead of strength

Or strength instead of mobility

Balance is over rated.

Take a while to think about the weak areas, the things you have been neglecting and lets train there instead.

We're in a lockdown, so the chances are you can't do as much of the things you want anyway. BJJ clubs are "closed" Gyms are "closed" You're "not allowed" out to the mountains

So use the time wisely.

Get your body and mind into the best possible shape it can be be working on the weakness. Spend the next month training unbalanced so that when the world returns to somewhat normal, you're not just ready, but you're chomping at the bit!

And if you need help, drop me a line


Dave Hedges

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