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Training Log – wk ending 27/7/12

Week 2 of my current bodyweight only training, and I’m enjoying it. I did however get a hand injury last weekend while teaching the Rapid Response workshop covering knife defence tactics, I think it was during the pressure test section, so it’s been pretty sore and swollen. This means I’ve been somewhat limited in my exercise selection this week.

But do you think that’d stop me?


1: Squats x 400 (had planned 300 but felt good and kept going) 2A: Boat x 1min 2B: Wrestlers Bridge x 1min 2C: T-Pose x 1min 3: Stretching & Flexibility


Very busy all day today and I had to get off early to let the missus out to play with her friends, so trained late in the evening after putting kids to bed: 1: Squats x 200 2: Stretch


1: Squats x 300(ish, got disturbed by a lad asking a few questions, kept squatting as I chatted to him but lost count at around 150 or so.) 2A: T-Pose x 1min

2B: Wrestlers Bridge x 1min 2C: Boat x 1min 2D: Pilates Double Leg Stretch x 1min


1: Squats x 250 2A: Plank on elbows +20kg x 90sec x 2 2B: Single leg glute bgride +20kg x 20L/R x 2 3A: Back Hypers x 20 x 3

3B: “Ruben Core” + 5kg med ball x 5L/R x 3 (will do a video on this one shortly)


1: Squats x 375 2: Pilates Criss-Cross x 10 L/R slow, 10 L/R med, 10 L/R fast

3A: “Cotterbility” Sidewinder x 10m x 3 3B: Leaping Frog x 10m x 3 4: Headstand x 45sec 5: Lotsa foam roller

Pretty good week, legs seen fine and the weather is good, so cycling to and from the gym is pretty painless. I’ve not had a peep from the SI & disk injuries so fingers crossed this will be good for them, high rep bodyweight squats certainly pump the erector spinea which can’t be a bad thing!

Till next week.


Dave Hedges Wild Geese Martial Arts & Fitness

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