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Training Log wk ending 20/72012

Quit the Kettlebell sport training due to old injuries so focusing on bodyweight training.

I thought I’d keep an online journal as one or two of the guys have been asking about bodyweight training and have some similar goals to my own.

I’m using an undulating conditioning style of daily practice to work up some high rep bodyweight squats, the goal (as set for me by Mr Steve Cotter) is to complete a 1000 squats in a single set. Undulating conditioning essentially means doing a different amount each day, some days will be high rep, others very high rep, other again lower rep. There’s no fixed pattern, just as long as the work gets done and there is a minimum of one very high rep session within the week.

Secondary goals are to really boost core strength.

Mon 16th 1: BW Squat x 200 2: Front Lever practice (legs tucked) x 30s (trying to build this to 60sec) 3: Frog Stand (will try to build to planche) x 40s (again 60s is goal) 4: Plank +20kg x 90sec 5: Wrestlers bridge x 90sec 6: Push Up x 20

Tuesday 17th

1A: Pull Up x 10 x 2 1B: Fingertip Push Ups x 20 x 2 2: BW Squats x 150

Wed 18th

1: BW Squats x 250 2: Frog Stand x as much as poss in 60s 3: Front Lever (Tucked) x as much as poss in 60s 4A: Boat x 60s 4B: T- Pose x 60s 4C: V-Sits x 60s 5: Push ups with knee check on rings x 20

Thurs 19th

1A: Fat Grip Pull Ups x 10 1B: Front lever raises x 3 2: BW Squat x 100

Friday 20th

1: BW Squats x 300 2: Frog Stand x 45s 3A: T-Pose x 60s 3B: Boat x 60s 4A: Parallel Grip Pull Ups x (1,2,3,4,5) x 3 4B: Push Ups x (2,4,6,8,10) x 3 5: Band Pull Aparts x 35

All in a good first weeks practice, feeling good, no pain from injured bodyparts.


Dave Hedges Wild Geese Fitness Training

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