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Training Log – Days 5 and 6 Long Cycle Prep

Been away from here a day or two so here’s an update from my last few days training.

Day 5, Sat 8/1/11

Trained with the Saturday Conditioning class, although didn’t join in with the full session. The guys hit the following workout:

Barbell front squat x 3 Pull Ups x max Push ups on rings x max Broad jumps x 5

They did 5 rounds.

As for myself, I stayed by the squat rack, offering a spot to any of the guys that needed it. But I did take my turn under the bar. Here’s what I did:

Barbell front squat: (kg’s) 50×3, 60×3, 70×3, 80×3 (PR) Attempted 90kg and missed. My previous best was 75kg, so happy with the day.

Also hit the pull up bar as it’s beside the squat rack for 5 x 5 circular pull ups.

Day 6, Mon 10/1/11

Warm up: Skipping x 5 minutes Clubbells x 5 minutes Long Cycle: 16’s x 10, 24’s x 5, 32’s x 3

Work Sets: 24 Kg Long Cycle 10 x 10 Performed 5 reps of Washing Away Chi Gung between each set.

Double 32kg jump shrugs x 10 x 2 Ring Dips x 5 x 2

10 minutes of Somatics to finish.

Looking forward to tomorrow!


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