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Training Log, Day 7 long cycle prep

Tuesday 11/1/11

Cool, all 1’s in the date!

Todays training was a tired affair, there have been a few things on my mind of late that are distracting me, some may say stressing me. But still did ok:

Warm up: Skipping x 3mins Club swinging x 5 mins

Work sets: 1 Arm long cycle pyramid, 5 reps each hand of: 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 36, 32, 28, 24, 20, 16, 12

By the end of that I was feeling a little fired so decided to stop there. However when i came back to Wild Geese to teach the evening classes I jumped in a little with the Combat Conditioning.

As they deadlifted I jumped in for 100kg x 3, 140kg x 3 As they did the circuit I grabbed a pair of 32’s and on the timer (30sec on, 10 sec off x 4 stations) did: Double cleans x 30sec x 4 sets x 2 rounds 1 arm clean x 30 sec l/r 1 arm jerk x 30 sec l/r Snatch x 30 sec l/r tactical lunge x 30 sec

Day done.

Got a couple of days off now as I have to travel over to the UK for two days, back into it on Friday.


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