Training Log, 6/1/11 – Day 4, long cycle prep

Day 4, 6/1/11

Trained with the guys today, the atmosphere was great, it was the first Thursday (Intermediate/Advanced) class of the year.

After the usual mobility warm up, we got out a light pair of bells for 10 quick reps of Long Cycle.

The a technique/power oriented session:

Long cycle, 28kg bells x 3reps, as many sets as poss in 10 mins. The goal – Perfect form, hence the low rep.

Front squat – Double 28’s, 5 x 5

Snatch/Overhead squat combo x Tabata (change hands every 20secs)

Swing / Plank x 10/20/30/20/10 One partner swings, the other rests in the plank position.

Finished with a “Yoga-ish” stretch.

Great session, felt good. Amazing having the crew back after Xmas, and they all worked hard, asked intelligent questions and motivated me to work harder.



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