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Training Log – 5/4/11

It’s a new phase!

After the last kettlebell comp, I’m not happy. I should have done better.

So this month I’ll be working hard on GPP and Technique, gradually moving more towards GS specific and volume based training as the next competition draws closer.

Yesterday looked like this:

Warm Up: (All Doubles) Jerk: 16×10, 20×10, 24×10, 28×10, 32×8

Work: (all double 28kg bells) Jerk x 20, x 15, x 10, x 5. This felt easy.

Power Circuit: 1A: Back Squat: 5 x 60kg, 4x 70kg, 3 x 80kg, 2 x 90kg, 2A: One arm push press: 36kg x 5l/r 3A: Snatch: 32kg x 10l/r 4A: Sledgehammer slam x 15l/r

Felt good, felt strong. The squats were light, but will go up over the course of the month, the jerks felt sweet, the snatch was strong.

Lets see how we go on this one. I will compete with 28kg bells this time. Watch this space

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