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Training Log – 22/1/11

Feeling good after yesterdays session, so good day today for some general conditioning.

Trained first with the beginners kettlebell, a smallish turnout today with no absolute beginners so we did:

Warm Up: Joint mobility Weighted mobility (16kg bell) – Figure 8’s, widening the stance as we went, Round the worlds, press/windmill combo

Work sets: Double 24’s Clean / Squat / Press combo, 5 x 3.

Snatch (24kg) on the minute x 15reps 9alternating hands each minute x 8 sets

Swing / plank finisher x 10/20/30/20/10 swings

Yoga(ish) to finish.

After that my combat conditioning guys turned up. Once they had warmed up and got cracking I jumped in on part of the circuit:

Barbell Front Squat 50 x 3, 60 x 3, 80 x 3, 90 x 1, 60 x 3 Ring Push Ups x 20, 15 (feet elevated), 8 (with sandbag on back, approx 25kg), 5 (sandbag on back of neck), 3 (sandbag on back of neck, feet elevated)

Also handed out a few sponsor cards for the 1 Mile Walking Kettlebell swings that I’ll doing on the 26th Feb. Please get in touch and donate some monyey, it’s a very worthwhile cause.


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