Training Log, 18/1/11


No specific training today, just a general conditioning workout with my regular Tuesday Evening Combat Conditioning group.

Here’s what we did:

Deadlifts – 100kg x 3, 120 x 3, 160 x 1

Circuit (on tabata timer) Pull Ups Med Ball slams Kb Front Squats (28kg bells) Squat Jumps Clapping Push Ups Ring Push ups Seated Russian Twists (10kg)

We did 20 seconds of each drill with 10 second breaks to change station. A 1 minute break was taken after 6 stations (3mins = 1 round)

New PB on the deadlift, extremely happy as it went up well, no real bother and no grief from the old back injuries.

Regards Dave


The next Boot Camp is already filling, we start on Monday the 31st Jan, get in touch ASAP if you want to take part. There’s also several enquiries as to the new Kettle AM sessions that start from the 1st feb.

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