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Training Log – 11/03/11

Yesterdays and today’s training, both good sessions, feeling fit and strong.

Yesterday, 10/3/11

Double 28’s, Clean/Press/Front squat 3×3 Double 28’s Bulgarian Split Squat 3×3 l/r

“EGSA Instructor fitness Test” (Yes we rip off other peoples workouts, especially when they have “test” in the title!)

Snatch x 20/20 x15/15 x10/10 x5/5 Squat (bell on back) x40 x30 x20 x10

Clean x 20/20 x15/15 x10/10 x5/5 Jerk x 20/20 x15/15 x10/10 x5/5

Took me 18 minutes with a 28kg bell and was rough!

Today, 11/3/11

Taking an easy cardio day today, it’s been a full week.

Indian clubs x several short sessions over the course of the mornings classes. Long Cycle / Skipping on the timer. I set the timer for intervals ranging from 30 to 90 seconds randomly, I then alternated between skipping and long cycle for 20 minutes continuous work.

That’s my day done, time now to get home and play with my Son and the Dog.



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