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Training and Injury

Injury is part of life.

It's something that we at WG-FIT know very well as not only have our coaches overcome some serious challenges, but we attract martial artists, mountain bikers and other adventurous souls.

So training with or around an injury is very familiar.

The key is a combination of attitude and assessment.

Assessment is the technical aspect.

It guides exercise prescription, let's us know what we can and can't do, what we should and should not do.

Attitude is how you think about the injury and how you commit to making the very best it.

It's been joked by many of our clients that their time in "cripple corner" is some of the most productive training they ever experience.

This is because we specialise.

We build a program based on what they can do, with an aim to restoring the things they can't do.

This is of course determined by assessment either from myself or their physio of choice.

Then we work on attitude.

The attitude of can, not can't.

By focusing in on the training elements we can go hard at and hitting them with all we've got, we maintain that feeling of hard productive training that yields gains.

We all avoid, or put off certain elements of our training, so cripple corner time is time to get stuck into that.

In doing this we build the rehab into the warm up, we do it during rest periods, we superset it with big exercises.

And as improvement happens we introduce gradually more challenging exercises and adjust the plan accordingly.

But all that would be worthless without the attitude to attack both the training and the rehab with the same determination and attention to detail.


Dave Hedges

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