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Train to be adaptable

All training methods, sports, breath practices etc

Whatever it is we do or can do.

They all have one thing in common.

They're all done by the human animal.

In other words, you.

Taking this simple fact into consideration greatly simplifies how we can look at life.

If everything we do is done by us, then the best way to be better at it is to make ourselves better.

This is why we train.

Train the joints to move smoothly through all ranges.

Train the muscles to stretch and contract.

Train the breath to ensure our tissues are oxygenated

Train to be able to use our breath to adjust our psychological state

Train our coordination to be able to carry out skillful tasks

Making this a habit creates a human animal that is adaptable.

An adaptable animal can thrive in many environments.

Be that on the pitch, on the tatami or in the office.


Dave Hedges

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