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Today’s workout

Today’s workout comes courtesy of last nights Conditioning session.

Every Tuesday evening we run a conditioning class aimed at our MMA fighters, although few of them show up, instead it seems to attract GAA players, triathletes, Kickboxers and martial artists from a variety of styles. But since this type of training improves overall athleticism (sometimes refered to as GPP or general physical preperedness), they all benefit.

The class kicks off with deadlifts for sets of 3 reps or less. This goes on for approx 15 minutes. Usually there’s 3 bars on the go as the guys and girls work in with each other. The it’s circuit time, and this is today’s workout:

  1. Pull Ups

  2. Hindu Squats (with a jump for advanced)

  3. Kettlebell Swings

  4. Plyo Push Ups

  5. Deck Squats (1 leg for advanced)

  6. Renegade Rows

  7. Front Squats

  8. Push ups on Rings

  9. Knee jump to long jump

  10. Ab wheel

  11. Kettlebell Jump Shrugs

  12. Dips

The guys did the following: Round 1 – 10 stations, 20 sec work/10 sec rest Rest 1 min Rounds 2,3 & 4 – 5 stations, 30/10 30 sec breaks between rounds Round 5 – 8 stations 20/10

It was a fun session. Keep the weights relativly heavy, you want to be working hard on every station, we are looking to build work capacity here and the ability to generate power under fatigue, so no shakeweights or body pump bars.

If you don’t have kettles, use dumbells, simple swap the swings for romanian deadlifts. If you don’t have rings, do a different push up variation.


PS – Don’t forget, if I don’t receive a €100 deposit from you for the Steve Cotter workshop on the 27th/28th November (thats this month people!) by this friday, you will not be accepted on the day. If you need more info contact me ASAP on, you have 3 days left.


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