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To Fix a Back or to Fuck it up

Be very wary of the internet expert

One of our regular clients sent a video to us to look at.

His friend had followed this video and during one of the movements, he hurt his back.

Imagine then our suprise when we opened the video link and saw that the title was " Hip Mobility to Fix Lower Back Pain"

And then listen to a guy talk and demonstrate a series of movements that in his opinion "fix back pain" and "are for absolutely everyone" and "everyone, no matter who you are, should do these daily"

I'm not going to name names or share a link to the video.

What I'm doing instead is offering a word of caution.

Steer well clear of any Coach, Trainer or Therapist who talks in definites

Working with the human body is part science and a lot of art

Nothing works for everyone, nothing works all the time


Any one who says otherwise it's either a charlatan or an idiot

The dude presenting the video did seen like a genuinely nice guy, so I'm going with the latter in his case.

Be wary of anyone claiming to have all the answers

Sure, the longer in in this industry and the more I learn about the Human Animal, the less certain I become about anything.

But that just leads me to asking better questions.


Dave Hedges

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