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Tis the Season…….

It’s the countdown to Christmas, many of you will have already started the celebrations with work parties and social gatherings.

This is traditionally the time of year where people pile on a few pounds, with all the rich food, sweets and alcohol, promising themselves that they’ll shift it when January comes.

We’ll get back on track in the new year, you know, make a resolution, and this time, THIS TIME, we WILL stick to it!!

This time it’ll be different.

Oh yeah!

This time…….

Well, that’s grand, your on the right lines at least. As a fitness coach, I may be a little unusual, I love to know that my clients are enjoying life, there is more to living than training and being a size 0 (I don’t even know what size 0 looks like, but it’s in all the papers, so must be the new benchmark?!?). I firmly believe that once a week you should have a blow out, go nuts. You’ve worked hard during the week, eaten well, trained and done everything right, now on the seventh day, go nuts.

Your body and your mind will thank you for it. Rewards are motivating, if you’ve something to look forward to later, you’ll be more disciplined now. December is a bit like that cheat day, only it’s a month.

A lot can happen in that month (think of all the people you know with birthdays in September, my own Son included, funny how it’s the ninth month……..) you can and most likely will put on a few pounds, but seriously, don’t sweat it.

It’ll go on quick, but with a concerted effort, it’ll come off just as quick. If, and only if, you put in the work.

Make your health and fitness a priority. You always say you’ll join a gym, some of you actually do, most of you have stopped training 3 or four weeks later.


Simple. It’s hard work. Even harder is motivating yourself to do the hard work.

And gyms are incredibly boring soulless places (unless your lucky enough to join one of the independent gyms that are dotted around, if a little hard to find..), the classes are mind numbing and impersonal (how can it be personal when there’s 25 of you?) and the results just don’t come fast enough.

So whats the alternative?

Have you heard of Wild Geese? They have a few options……. (Can you tell I’m no marketing guru?)

Here’s a reminder of what you can get from us in the new year. Now remember, we aint a commercial gym, we’re only mildly interested in you cash, unlike the “Fitness clubs” that are actually trying to rob you blind. We are however a small, independent training facility that DOES give a damn about you getting results.

And to get you there we have:

AND some of the best martial arts classes available….

(is that a bit obvious as a sales pitch?)

You are NEVER left to train alone (unless you are an online client…duh!), we are ALWAYS on hand, you are TOLD to ask us questions.

Get in touch with us now to talk about your plans for the new year.


Dave Hedges

+353 87 672 6090

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