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Time to get back to work…

It’s Tuesday evening and the little man has just gone to bed, time then to remind you all that all Lunchtime and Evening classes start back as of this Thursday (6th jan)

I’ve been away for around two weeks and that long enough for any of you to be sat around being lazy. By the time Thurs comes around, most of you will have been back at work for a few days and must be chomping at the bit to get out of the office and take some pent up aggression out on the Kettlebells. Most of you will have a few spare calories stored in your midsection, plenty of fuel to start the year with some new personal bests.

It’s time now to get back into the swing of things, or for those with New Years resolutions, it’s time to come down and learn to Swing a few things.

Do kettlebells burn fat? On their own, no. But when combined with a little elbow grease and sweat, yes they are a powerful tool in your arsenal. When combined with body weight exercises and circuit training, the results become even better.

Depending of course on what you shovel into your cake hole while away from the gym that is….

Morning classes will kick of from the start of Feb, the Boot Camp on Jan 31st and the brand new Kettle AM on Feb 1st.

See you there

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