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Time saving workouts

We’re all very busy. The days just don’t seem to be long enough and yet we know we should be getting in some exercise.

Just, with the commute to and from the job, the extra hours, getting home to spend time with the family. It’s just endless, where can you possible fit in a training session?

We’ll what if I told you it’s not that difficult, if you break from the “traditional” workout mindset. Do we really need to spend an hour a day working out? In fact can we loose that term “work out” anyway. After all work is bad, we are forced to go to work every day, and it sucks!!

Lets instead think of something else to call it. I call it training, because it puts the idea of achieving something, constantly trying to improve myself, some times I say I’m going to refresh the blood. The missus calls it her daily tone up.

Ok so, changing a name might make it easier to motivate yourself, but still, what about the time factor?

Lets change the idea of having to go for an hour. Lets instead do abbreviated or mini sessions. How abbreviated will depend on your schedule.

The more abbreviated it is, the more frequent you will need to do it, however more on that in a minute.

Here’s a couple of time efficient methods that really work:

Tabata – This was originally put together by Dr Tabata. He said short intervals with compressed rest periods were the best way to increase both Aerobic and Anaerobic capacity simultaneously. They’re also great for fat loss. Set a timer for 20 second work and 10 second rest, perform 8 balls out sets for a total workout time of 4 minutes. Now this is no good for Bicep curls, you need big moves. For Bodyweight only try burpees, or alternate between Press ups and Squats. Get even more bang for your buck by “resting” in the Plank position.

TV ad breaks – Most of us spend more time than is necessary on the sofa watching TV. Here’s a way to make your unmissable TV program into an opportunity to get fitter and leaner. Choose a handful of exercises and each time the ads come on get stuck in. As soon as the program returns, hit the sofa until the next break. You can either perform 1 drill for the entire break, or do a several drills as a circuit. I like to do the following: 1st Break – Hindu Squats 2nd Break – Hindu Press up 3rd Break – Wrestlers bridge Or sometimes: BW rows x 5, 1 Leg squats x 5 l/r, Walkouts x 5 as a continuous circuit. The next break pick right up where you left off.

Spread the Load – Before breakfast (while the porridge is in the microwave) an extended set of squats (eg 50+), Before lunch a set of Spiderman pushups (20 or so, maybe 3 or 4 sets of 5) and after work as the dinner cooks try planks or bridges. Basically it’s one single workout with several hours between sets.

That’s 3 time saving options that even the busiest person can squeeze into their day. Save the big workouts for the days you have the time.

All the best

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