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This left me speechless!

A few days a week I’m working with a fitness company, it’s a bit of fun as a departure from the type of training that I usually do. What it does do though, is attract a very different clientel to what I’m used to.

Most of my athletes are males in the their 20’s and early 30’s, they’re mostly fighters, or want to become fighters. I have several women, but again they’re in the same age category and are usually up for just about anything.

In the fitness “boutique” it a much more civilised environment attracting older and “nicer” people, the type with a few quid and would usually be found walking the treadmill or taking a step class. That was untill I turned up.

Now these same people take the piss out of the cardio junkies, they love the fact that in 30 mins, 3 times per week, they’ve squeezed into the old jeans that were about to be sent to the charity shops. They have all come to realise that simple, basic strength training exercises, done with high enough intensity has a far more profound effect on their health, well-being and appearance than any other training method.

Just the other day I had two ladies in, they’ve formed a bit of an alliance and always try to book in for the same time as each other (we do semi-private at the “boutique”), both came in with stories of how the extra strength is making day to day life more fun, and both requested arses like satsumas due to upcoming functions!!

But the point I’m waffling towards came at the end of the session. They were buzzing from the session and chatting about the benefits they’d seen over the few months previous. Then the older one (around 52ish) lifted her arm and showed the other one (46ish) her forearm. “Look at that,” she says, “I’ve never had definition like that before” “I know,” said the other one, holding up her own arm, “have a look at this.” They both then turned to me and one asked, “You’re supposed to get definition from training aren’t you?” Obviously I said yes, “Good, check this out,” again showing me her arm.

While this might sound normal in a testosterone fuelled bodybuilding gym, I’m stood here with two girls with sons nearly as old as I am!

It was absolutely fantastic!

Anyhow, enough about them, here’s my training from last night:

Front squat (clean it to the rack position) 5×3, super-set with Towel Pull ups 5×5: Squat 50×3, pull up x 5 Squat 60 x 3, pull up x 5 Squat 70 x 3, pull up x 5 Squat 80 x 3, pull up x 5 Squat 85 x 2, pull up x 5

This is the first time in a long time that I’ve squatted a bar. I’ve been doing lots of bodyweight stuff, including pistols or kettlebells for a long time. I wasn’t happy with my form (hence no video) and the core gave out before the legs did. Needs a lot of work, squatting again on Monday, contrast day, that ought to be fun!!

This was all wrapped up with 5 minutes of double jerks with the 20kg bells.

A tired performance but still not bad.



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