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Think Like a General for Long Term Success

When in the gym, we lift weights or move our body in various ways all to elicit a training effect.

In a very general sense, the training effect is that your life outside of the gym becomes easier.

Hills are less steep Opponents move more slowly Punches don’t hurt as much The floor doesn’t seem so far away Your kids aren’t as heavy

The list could go on. In fact, I would like to invite you to add your own entries to list in the comments below.

What we don’t do in the gym is simply try to be the best person in the gym.

That is short sighted at best. Risky at worst.

Andy Bolton, legendary power lifter and the 1st man to deadlift over 1000lb in competition often says:

“Don’t leave your best in the gym”

And considering that his sport, power lifting, is essentially being the best gym guy, that’s huge advice.

Training must ebb and flow. Building up and backing off. Progress is always forwards on the average, despite periods where you back off or go easier.

Think of it like a General looking over the map. He’ll plan a forward advance to take new ground. But then he’ll plan to follow that up by fortifying and securing the ground he just took.

The trick is in knowing which direction to push on, and the best way to secure those gains.

But that’s what I’m here for.

If you’d like to join our In Person or Online Training, get in touch today

Chat soon Dave

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