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The Unglamorous Truth to Smashing Your Goals

“So, where are all the best downhills?” asked the young mountain biker. “At the top of the best climbs!” replied the seasoned local.

And in that brief exchange overheard in a Mountain Bike shop and hang out in the English Lake District, you can learn everything you need to know about achieving your goals.

Modern society has developed around shortcuts. We have perfected the microwave, the dishwasher, we drive to convenience stores, we drive THROUGH restaurants. We have 7 day detox’s, we can “get shredded” in 90 days we even have 6 second abs!


Every piece of knowledge and information you could ever want or need is a few clicks away on the internet, and you have the internet at you disposal on that smart phone that’s never out of easy reach.

So are we more productive? On average, no, we have every time saving, convenience device on offer, yet the only result we seem to have gotten out of this is a reduced attention span and the inability to so the herd graft to get the cool results. The graft has been removed, technology does it now, in return we have instant gratification.

Which is hollow at best.

But if we really want to hit the best downhills, find the sweetest singletrack and gain the most satisfaction from our ride, we must first grind our way up the mountain.

If we really want that athletic physique, we need to eat real food and train with real resistance.

If we really want to be able to do that cool push up variation, you know, the one you saw on youtube, then first you need to master the basic push up.

You want to do more pull ups, DO MORE PULL UPS!

You want to emulate your sporting hero, don’t watch what they do in the arena or on the pitch, find out what they do day in, day out, week in, week out. See how methodical, boring and repetitive being truly great is.

So take the advice of the Lakeland mountain bike man and remember, the best downhills and found at the top of the best climbs.



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