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The Training Montage Effect

I’m a 90’s kid.

Born in 77, my young years were the 80’s but my developmental years were definately the 90’s.

The 80’s and 90’s gave us some great inspiration to get into training.

From Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and The Karate Kid showing us we can train martrail arts and become ustoppable forces of nature, to Arnie and Stallone with their muscles.

Crossing the wtwo was Van Damme, muscles and martial arts!

The theme in these old action franchises was overcoming through effort.

Through training

Through determination.

No one showed this better than Stallone in his Rocky franchise. Van Damme and the Karate kid came close, but the theme was continuous through the Rocky movies.

It’s the underdog story, it’s the guy going up against the odds, the guy buckling down to train, to learn to listen.

The hero invariably suffers losses, has to learn humility and dig deep.

But once they embrace the journey, once they accept that they must improve, they must become better.

That’s when they start to win.

It was massive theme though my youth. These screen heroes were an inspiration that got me into training. Not just me but a whole slew of people of my generation.

You play “Hearts of Fire”, “Eye of the Tiger” even “Dangerzone” to any 40+ bloke with some mile on the clock and you’ll see the hairs on the back of his neck stand up, his chest swell and an almost isatiable urge to start shadow boxing or doing push ups.

Who doesn’t want to star in their own Rocky style training montage? It’s a bit different to today’s Superhero culture, the struggles in the Marvel / DC blockbusters just aren’t as inspiring.

Being bit by a radioactive spider, or buidling super high tech toys to gain advantage just don’t hit home as hard as watching Van Damme kick down a tree and scream in pain as his coach forces him into the slits. You could feel the struggle as Rocky did yet another set of push ups, slowy getting better and better. So my question then is who are you inspiring?

Are you the hero in your story, are you the hero inspiring someone else’ story?


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