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The real heroes in our lives we may miss to notice.

Well, ok I always wanted to be Wolverine and beat up some bad guys. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anyone who would inject me with adamantium.

Since I was a kid I could never understand how someone can see a movie star, singer , politician or any celebrity as a hero or role model. They may be good at the thing they are doing, but how are they in real life?

I just couldn’t wrap my head around the idea of putting somebody who I don’t know personally on a pedestal. They may be a complete ass when they are no cameras around them, they also may be good people , I don’t know that but I had my hero very close to me.

For me my mum is and always will be my biggest hero and badass.

She was riding a motorcycle while 7 or 8 months pregnant with me, people screaming that she is gonna kill herself and the baby (I am blaming her for the love to motorbikes I have now). When she parties, she parties till the morning, if she loves somebody she will do everything for that person, including burying a body, altough they will have to dig the hole now, she has two hips replaced.

When she was a teenager her nickname was Ivan the Terrible, she was getting into fights with everybody, man or women. I think she should have been born as a man.

Getting out of a abusive marriage in communist Poland, raising two children, working, trying the best she could to give my sister and I a good childhood even though she had a difficult one herself and we weren’t always easy to deal with as kids, most kids aren't. She would always put our wellbeing in front of her own.

This is what real heroes do.

She is one of the kindest and toughest women I know, although she is afraid of mice :). No matter the situation she always tries to remain calm, she tries to find the good in the bad, she is always there to listen out her Friends without judging them,not giving advice,just listening to them.

Because of her I turned out to be ok, her kindness and great sense of humour helped me. I owe my mum so much I can't even describe.

The real heroes in our lives may be closer than we think

All the best to all the mums.


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