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The ONLY Thing That Works

Over the last few weeks we’ve had:

Maria win 2 gold medals at recent IUKL Kettlebell Sport World Championships in Korea

Aneta win Bronze at the Kyokushin World Union World Championships in Russia

We’ve also had members get their first pistol squat, PR their Deadlift, shave time of their runs

A post shared by Dave Hedges (@dave_hedges) on Feb 27, 2017 at 12:16am PST



Its not really the programs I write or the exercises you do Its really about showing up day in and day out and getting on with it. Some days you won’t feel like it.

I’ve seen both Maria and Aneta almost drag themselves onto the training floor and struggle through their warm up

The same as anyone else

We all have days we don’t want to.

So we ask The question, what do we want more?

Do we want to be a better version of ourselves, are we willing to do the work and make forward progress, no matter how big or small the progress will be? Or do want to stay as we are?

Not an easy question for some.

But Just like that Pull Up, the more consistently you do it, the easier it becomes.

Consistency is the ONLY thing that works

So while we may be on the wind down now, getting in some much needed rest during the Xmas break in a couple of weeks. Are you thinking about the progress you have made this year, the barriers you have broken down and what the next stage in your personal evolution is going to be?

If you have, give me a shout, I want to hear about it

Regards Dave Hedges

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