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The Olympics Inspired You, Who Are You Going To Inspire In Return?

The Olympics are drawing to a close and there have been some incredible performances, most notably, at least here in Ireland, is the first ever contest of Womens Boxing in the competition, which was won by Ireland’s own Katie Taylor.

There were many more notable events, but lets face it, every single one of the athletes that took part (and are still taking part) are at the pinnacle of human physical ability, even the guy that crosses the line last or goes out in the first round has still achieved far more in an athletic sense than most people can dream.

But that shouldn’t stop us trying.

Watching these games has filled many with inspiration to get of their backsides and into the gym, to join a sporting club and start moving and that is awesome.

We’ll most likely never get to the level of a world class athlete, but that’s no reason not to train with the attitude of a world class athlete. It’s no reason not to go out each day and put in your best effort. It’s no reason not build on previous bests, to go further, faster, bigger.

We owe it to ourselves to be the best we can.

While we have witnessed 2 weeks of the absolute greatest athletes of our time, we are on the other side of the coin still stacking up inconceivably high levels of obesity and inactivity. If the Olympians can inspire us to up our training and push our boundaries, what then will our performances and work ethic do to inspire those around us?

If your hard work inspires just one other person to up their game then that’s a massive victory, that’s a gold medal right there.

It’s not about being the best in the world, it’s about being the best in YOUR world.

It’s about raising the average of those about you.

It’s about being an example to those about you.

Especially if those about you happen to be the younger generation who are in dire need of a dollop of inspiration.

I’ve written in the past about the work I do with RehabCare, a mental health group local to me. On September 1st 2012 myself and several of my Wild Geese guys and girls will be gathering at the Irishtown stadium to repeat last years 1 Mile Kettlebell Walk. This is a mile of walking kettlebell swings.

Last year we raised €5000 and seriously helped change a few lives for the better.

Lets smash that target this year, lets go for gold.

If you’re a Wild Geese member or if your local to me, drop in ask for a sponsor card so you can collect on our behalf, otherwise you can follow this link to our online fundraising page. This isn’t like those TV charity ads you see with crying children and sad music. Most of the money given to those charities never gets to its intended destination. This is a real homegrown charity, I’ll even introduce you personally to the people who will benefit.

The mile of swings is a tough challenge, last year it took me almost an hour to complete while swinging a 16kg bell. This year I’ll use at least a 20kg.

Last year I had the guys from rehab coming up to me telling how much my actions inspired them and I have to say I welled up, there was nearly a tear. If it wasn’t for my British up bringing I’d have been a bubbling mess! To have inspired a group of people like the Rehab guys, people who are sidelined by society is incredible.

Every coach wants to work with athletes, we’d all love to have the likes of Katie Taylor, Usain Bolt and Jessica Ennis coming to our gyms. I’m lucky to have some awesome athletes, one of my boys will be representing Ireland in an international Kettlebell Lifting event, another brought home a bronze from the European BJJ championships this year. But take ti from me the most rewarding work is done not with the top class athletes, it is done with the guys who need it the most. For me it’s the Rehab guys.

It may be someone different for you, but you have the opportunity to make a difference, no matter how small. Send a few quid rehab’s way, then get out there and train, become someone’s inspiration.



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