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The New Home of the IKFF in Ireland

You must have heard of Steve Cotter.

Steve’s one of the brightest names in fitness and a bona fide expert in kettlebell training, mobility and bodyweight exercise.

He’s a martial artist which shows in the way in which he approaches fitness, with a holistic eye on a balanced training method that develops strength, mobility and endurance in a balanced way.

Sound familiar?

It’s the Wild Geese way.

Steve’s view of training is the same as my own.

Which is why I’ve hosted him so many times both in my own gym and around Ireland.

A few years ago Steve asked my to take on the role of Master Training for his IKFF company.

As much as I was honoured by his request, I wasn’t in the space to help him out and turned him down.

That was about 2 years ago.

Steve was back recently, we spent a long time chatting, shooting the shit, having a laugh and we may have mentioned training once or twice.

He dropped the question again.

This time I accepted.

So Wild Geese is now the official home of the International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation in Ireland.

I am now an IKFF Master Trainer.

Check out my profile on the IKFF website:

This means that I will now be running workshops under their banner.

Including the IKFF Certified Kettlebell Training (CKT) course.

The CKT is a highly detailed and thorough look at kettlebell training. It’s a course aimed at trainers looking to become certified, to deepen their knowledge and improve their skills.

I’ll be announcing the first of these courses soon. There’s a lot to do to get things in place so that I can run the course to the very highest of standards.

Unlike a the course run around the country at the moment by training providers offering certification programs, I have little interest in simply taking in money. I hold myself to the highest of standards, as does Steve Cotter and his IKFF training/business partner, Ken Blackburn. This high standard will be reflected in the courses when I launch them.

And it will be expected from course attendees.

Exciting times ahead.

Steve Cotter and the Wild Geese

Watch this space.


Dave Hedges

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