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The Larger than life Bud Jeffries

The world of strength and fitness has lost a legend.

The word legend gets thrown arounds quite lightly these days, but in the case of Bud Jeffries, it is fitting. And it is with great sadness that I read a facebook post from his wife the other night telling us that Bud had just passed.

He recently was hospitalised with Covid and pneumonia, and it was at home soon after that he collapsed and could not be brought round.

So who is Bud?

I came across his work many years ago, there are books and DVD's he produced sitting on my shelves, there are workouts he inspired being used in WG-Fit. Bud was an old school renaissance man in the field of strength.

He squatted 1000 LB Anderson style, ie from the bottom position, no wraps, no suit, just a belt and pure power. Watch this:

That was back in 2006, but just the other day he referred back to that lift in this instagram post:

He wasn't a one trick pony, he was more than just a record breaking squat. Bud would do the splits, do cartwheels, juggle heavy objects, do massive high rep kettlebell workouts, he fought MMA, he taught anti-bullying classes in schools, where he always demonstrated strength by one arm pressing a teacher!

Here's a few words from Bud on toughness:

Over the years, I've hosted and become friends with Steve Cotter, Rik Brown and a few other US based fitness experts. These guys all knew Bud personally and when he came up in the conversation, you could see the genuine admiration they held for the man.

I admire him and never met him in person, we chatted here and there via social media, but never actually met.

He's a dude I would sorely love to spend some time with, but unfortunately that has passed.

Click on the embeds in this blog post, scroll through his YouTube and Instagram, see for yourself some of the potential you have as demonstrated by this larger than life titan of a man.

Bud Jeffries has been a huge inspiration on me and the development of WG-Fit, therefore Bud has influenced you. We are all better for it.

Thank you Bud, rest easy now big man.


Dave Hedges

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