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The Greatest Fitness Meme of All Time

So here I am scrolling through Facebook, my mind wondering about potential blog post topics when i come across what could be one of the greatest internet memes of all time.



I just had to share it.

And it’s true.

All the tv people did to turn Lou into the Hulk was paint him green. Actually paint him, not change his colour in post production. Lou was green.

And at 6’5 weighing 130kg, he was a fitting Hulk.

Consider today’s hulk.


That’s him under Thor there.

Slightly less impressive.

Although in post production, on the big screen Hulk is awesome, especially in the scene where he smashes Loki.

Oh ok, I’ll share….

You could watch that over and over again….

But back to Lou and his meme.

No CGI. No photoshop. No post production.

Just a man and some green paint.

In a long running TV series.

That means he had to be in shape for every episode.

He had to live and breathe training.

Thats pretty damn inspirational.

Especially as most people you see in magazines and on the screen have all benefited from a little post production magic. So much so i wonder if these people even recognise themselves in the mirror any more.

I guess the point I’m making is this:

Don’t be fooled.

If we set our expectations by what the media tell us, we’ve lost.

If we set our expectations by our actual peers, by people living a life similar to ours, who do the things or have achieved the things we want to achieve then in that case, follow them.

Manage your expectations.

You won’t look like Lou unless you’re willing to train like a professional bodybuilder, a 2 time IFBB Mr universe.

Lou, Arnie, Van Damme and Stallone set the bar for my peers. For me it was Van Damme especially, as he’s the martial arts guy.

But even still, I never trained to look like them. I trained to do the things the characters they played could do.

ie fight.

And I discovered fighters don’t look like they did.

I discovered that function dictates form.

And I discovered that being good is worth far more psychologically that looking good.

I’m starting to lose the thread of this a wee bit now, so I’ll leave you with that closing thought.

For the next blog post I’m preparing a video tutorial for the Lizard Crawl, which was popularised by Ido Portal and now every Irish person is trying to do it after seeing Connor McGregor doing them in his own training.

Here’s me Lizarding yesteday:

A video posted by Dave Hedges (@dave_hedges) on Jul 29, 2015 at 8:46am PDT

That will be out on Friday, make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss it.

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