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The First Post of 2016!

Welcome to 2016

Hope you had a good Xmas and brought in the New Year in style!

I did.

I spent New Year in my eldest son’s bed as he was sick and needed his Dad.

And thinking back, in the scale of things, given the choice of getting shit face drunk and counting down the seconds until the earth completes yet another orbit around the sun or rubbing my Son’s back so he can get to sleep….

….I think I made the right choice

But now it’s the New Year.

This is fitness marketing gold time.

This is where people are vulnerable and we should seduce them with special membership offers to get them in the door, empty promises to help them loose weight, get fit, become better versions of themselves.

Except, no.

I won’t do that.

In my opinion it’s predatory bullshit that has no purpose other than to line the gym owners pockets.

Would I like an influx of cash into my gym?

Of course!

Would I sell bullshit in order to do that?

Hell no!

Especially now when people are at their most malleable!

But then there is an article on fat loss that popped up that is excellent.

So good I had to share it.

If you’re a sensitive flower, you might not like it.

And that’s cool, you won’t like me or my gym either.

But if you are serious about being a better animal, if you know and accept that good things come to those who put in the damn work, then please click the image (or link) below.

And before you do

You’re welcome.

Here it is:

Click the picture to read the post

Click the picture to read the post


Dave Hedges

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