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The Day Before Tomorrow

Sounds like the title of a James Bond movie….

It’s gonna hurt.

But that’s what we have to do in order to find out what we’re about, to answer the question that always sits in the back of mind, the one that always rises up before an event like this, the question of “Am I good enough?”

There’s only one way to answer it, and that’s to get out there and do it.

Our Wild Geese Muay Thai coach and fellow kettlebell enthusiast Dave “The Rasta” Gordon said to me one time after I’d hurt my shoulder setting a personal best on the handstand push up that “Glory is fleeting, but mediocrity lasts forever”

So tomorrow I intend to give it my all. I’ve spent my quite time visualising the day, I’ve been cycling home from the gym playing my set over and over in my head. All that is left to do is sweat, grunt and lift, 1 rep at a time until either I’m told to stop or I’m forced to stop.

Then next week I can take a back off week, a rest from the kettles and from hard training, I can let the body rest and recover. I’ll allow my niggling injuries repair themselves. I’ll catch up on some sleep and I’ll even have a beer or two. I’ll then spend some time working on a few personal goals, things like mastering the standing ab wheel roll out, taking my Pistol Squat into double figures, improving general flexibility and getting back out running.

But not until after tomorrow.

While we’re mentioning running, this article got flagged up recently:

Scientists have discovered that strong hips help protect runners knees. We’ll stone me! Of course they do, running is about hip extension, actually hip HYPERextension which is produced by the Glutes and Hamstrings. The vast majority of the amateur running and jogging population are vastly quad dominant and since the quads are knee extensors they tend to power themselves along with their knees rather than their hips. Any wonder the knees get destroyed? I’ve a string of clients in this last few months all of whom have knee issues, some have hamstring pain. Every one of them has made massive progress by doing two things:

  1. Strengthening the hip

  2. Lengthening the Quads and Hip Flexors

[youtube] Thats all for today, I’ll see you after tomorrow!


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