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The complete martial arts venue

For years the Wild Geese dreamed of having a complete martial arts center.

The dream has become a reality, thanks to the help of some of Irelands best talent.

We are proud to boast that we cannot possibly teach everything there is to know in the martial arts, something few instructors would admit. So instead we have gathered together instructors, many of whom are internationally ranked, to teach the things we cant.

Just a sample of the offerings at our Dublin HQ is:

Richie Carton – Kickboxing. A man who is among the first generation of Irish kickboxers and has produced many champions and fughters including the current super welterweight world champion, Ronan McSweeney Dave Gordon – Regularly travels to Thailand to train and fight, only come back to Ireland so he can rest up and teach his beloved Muay Thai Mariusz – A former member of the polish national jujitsu team, now a professional Brazilian Jujitsu coach with several MMA competitors under his wing, all of whom are doing exceptionally well in the local scene.

Of coures there is more, the Wusu and the Iaido as well as our own Kenpo and FMA classes, these all come together to allow students experience the traditional and the modern, the street combatives and the ring sports, ground fighting to weapon work.

All ranges, all environments, truly a Mixed Martial Arts Academy.

Wild Geese every cause but our own

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