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The BIG Announcement!

For the last week I’ve been on twitterbook promising a big announcement.


A biiiiiIIG AAANNOUNCENNNNTTTTTttttttt (say it in Bruce Buffers voice…..)

But first, I have to tell you how awesome my members are.

The Kettleheads GS Team pays tribute to their coach!

The Kettleheads GS Team pays tribute to their coach!

I know every coach goes on about their members, they’re great at this and that and super awesome. But, well, mine really are! It was my birthday recently, and they all know I love Superhero’s. So they got together behind my back and got me the Under Armour Dark Superman shirt, and then the Kettleheads GS Team also got the Under Armour Batman Shirt.

Here’s me modelling the Superman top when I got home:


Now, back to business.

The Kettlebell world is in turmoil.

We have two rival “styles” the so called “Hard Style” and the Kettlebell Sport or “Soft Style” of lifting. It seems the two sides don’t get on.

And THEN, we have a shed load of sub-styles. People who train under so and so don’t like those who train under so and so.

Big fuckin deal people! Grow up! We’re all teaching high quality technique to highly motivated students.


And it’s a big BUT, regardless of your background, be you RKC, SFG, IKFF, IUKL, Agatsu or whatever, we have a common enemy.

It’s the mickey mouse weekend courses being sold to fitness instructors the world over. Courses that aim to take you from numpty to coach in 0ne weekend, pay the money and you’ve passed type of courses.

Squatting not Hinging + Arms disconnected = Very Poor Form,  but this is what most people learn.

Squatting not Hinging + Arms disconnected = Very Poor Form, but this is what most people learn.

The type of courses that are producing instructors that are teaching shite technique because they’ve been taught shite technique by people who’ve never been trained properly.

Over the last few years I’ve run workshops, which are split into 4 levels, you can get the PDF manuals of these workshops HERE. Attending these workshops I’ve had Fitness Instructors, Strength Coaches, Sports Coaches and Martial Arts coaches, as well as regular folk just wanting to learn. I’ve also had visits from Physiotherapists who have either taken a Kettlebell instructor course or have researched these courses and recognised the poor technique on display.

On thing that has been a theme was the eye opening that occurs as these instructors realise that what is commonly taught is vastly different, inferior and down right dangerous to genuine kettlebell lifting techniques.

The amount of visits, requests and phone calls I’ve had over the last while for people looking for real, genuine training has led to me reaching the following decision, and the point of this post.

I am launching my own Kettlebell Instructor Certification Course.

Very soon, you will have the opportunity to take part in a course that:

  1. Covers ALL aspects of kettlebell lifting, no politics, no personal preferences, just the facts. This will allow YOU, the instructor to apply the techniques in the manner that best suits YOUR audience.

  2. You’ll learn some of the “Hard Style” methods as well as the more classical Sports methods.

  3. You’ll learn hoe the kettle can be used for more standard gym training.

  4. You’ll learn about program design

  5. You’ll learn and be tested on your ability to teach the information.

  6. There will be a pass or fail option. Just because you paid, doesn’t mean you’ll pass.

  7. We’ll discuss ways to combine the kettlebell with other training modalities.

  8. In other words this will be possibly the most comprehensive and detailed course out there.

In a few days I’ll announce the date for the inaugural course.

If you want to receive advance notification of the date, please use the contact form below

Let’s turn the industry on its head and close down all these mickey mouse certification courses by creating a instructors that know their subject and can apply it in any given setting. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]



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