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That is the Right Question

The movie I Robot was on tv the other day.

I forgot how enjoyable it was.

Sci-Fi, robots, explosions, chases, guns, robots, what’s not to like?

Oh, and who wouldn’t want an indestructible super strong robot arm?

I know I would, it’s be awesome!


Through the movie though Will Smiths character is investigating the death of his old buddy and genius scientist Alfred Lanning. Lanning made a holographic recording of himself with clues as to why he dies.

But it can only respond to certain questions

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Essentially the good Doc is helping Smith keep his focus and to screen out bullshit.

And that is something we can all learn from.

Especially in this fitness industry which mostly revolves around selling people shit they don’t need rather than providing actual, high value coaching.

It’s why people believe they need X piece of equipment or Y supplement before they can do Z activity.

And you know what?

That’s bollocks.

The only thing that is essential in the journey into better fitness is your own mind and body.

And if you got into the habit of simply asking better questions both of yourself and of the gym/coach/trainer then you’ll see vastly accelerated results.

I love nothing more than having my clients and students ask me questions, it shows that they are capable of thinking for themselves, it shows they are invested in the process, it shows that they want the absolute best for themselves.

And that is exactly what I want for them.

Now get in and start asking me questions, ask enough and you might eventually ask the right question.


Dave Hedges

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