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Sweating the Small Stuff & Black Friday Sales

This is a video of Mick who is a regular of our morning bootcamp program:

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A post shared by Dave Hedges (@dave_hedges) on Nov 21, 2018 at 12:33am PST

I’d like you to read the caption to that video.

Mick can only do weighted pull ups, 200+ KG deadlifts, presses, sprints, etc because he sweats the small stuff.

That’s not to say he spends hours on the foam roller, in fact I’ve never seen him touch one. Nor does he suffer from paralysis by analysis. Instead, he comes to me with a problem, answers all my questions, and then when we figure out the solution, he does it.

But most importantly, he keeps doing it.

The video above shows him moving pain free. This is simply because in every warm up he does his homework.

Elbow pain is common for many lifters, especially on pull ups. There can be many reasons for this, in Micks case it seemed to be an over reliance on the forearm flexors and under active Lats in a lengthened state, but we’ll not get into that now. What I do want to say, and the point I want to labour until you get it, is this:

Find the solution, do it as much as possible without over doing it until symptoms abate and then continue to do it in your warm ups and as an active rest between other exercises.

[tweetthis display_mode=”box”]Doing the small stuff is what makes the big stuff happen.[/tweetthis]

In the case of elbows, and many other upper body issues, this exercise is often very useful, it is the one Mick uses, but bear in mind it may not be the one you need. Get the advice on what you need, then do it:

Next. Black Friday is coming…..

This means cheap stuff!!

To join in with the madness, I’ve created a discount code for all my digital products. That’s eBooks, Video, Training Programs and for a limited number of places, Online Training. It doesn’t cover T-Shirts or Pahlavandles, as I sell them as cheap as possible anyway, and there’s a few products that are not mine to discount, such as the Virtual Training Centre’s Self Defence courses that I authored for them.

What is this code?

Simply type in Nov18 at the checkout and you’ll get 25% off your shopping cart price. Here’s some of the stuff on sale:

This expires on Nov 30th, that’s it, gone for another year!!!

That’s all for today.

Chat soon

Dave Hedges

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