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Supplements worth buying part 2

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Beta- Alanine.

Beta Alanine is very popular amongst athletes because it can enhance performance and benefit your overall health.

Beta Alanine belongs to the non essential amino acid group which means it's not used by the body to synthesize protein. It produces carnosine which is stored in your skeletal muscles and carnosine delays lactic acid production in your muscles which improves your athletic performance.

BA can reduces fatigue, increases endurance and boosts performance in high intensity exercises.

BA can increase your time to exhaustion, it can help you to train for longer. It can especially benefit short duration exercises lasting one to several minutes, like combat sports, sprints etc., this is were BA is most effective.

In older adults it can help increase muscle endurance.

You can find BA in meat, poultry, fish. Most people can get enough BA from their diets but supplementing with BA increases the levels even more.

It is recommened to supplement wit 2g-5g daily for a few weeks, taken with a meal. It can be bought in capsules and powder form.

If the dose you take is to much you will experience something called paraesthesia, tingling of the skin, usually face, head, back, hands. Its harmless and goes away after some time.

You can prevent that from happening by lowering the dose or by taking lower amount few times a day.

You can combine creatine and beta alanine supplements which in turn can benefit your exercise performance, strength and muscle mass.

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