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Supplements. The good and the bad. Part 1

The supplement industry is worth millions of euro and they want your money so some supplements companies will make ridiculous claims that are “supported” by science.


They are a waste of shelf space and whoever buys them is wasting their money.

When I was working in a supplement store, I was telling people that they do not work even though I should be selling them. Some people listened and some were still buying them, the marketing of some of those supplements is incredibly good and people want to believe that they work, but there are no short cuts to fat loss.

All those influencers, fitness gurus etc. trying to sell them are getting paid to do so.

Instead of a fat loss supplement you better of buying a protein powder or a good steak. That way you will get protein you need to maintain muscle mass and other nutrients to support your wellbeing.

There is one proven way to lose fat and that is lower calorie intake, dietary changes, lifting weights, moving.


Another supplement which was a top seller even though I had conversation with the guys buying it that they are throwing away their money.

They believed the big bodybuilder from You tube.

D aspartic acid may increase testosterone levels but only temporary, some other supplements showed increase in testosterone levels in rats but not in humans, but the supplement companies do not tell you that.

Testosterone levels are starting to decline by around 1%-2% when man hit 30.

What can help keeping your testosterone levels healthy?

  1. Sleep – one of the most important things not only for T levels but also for mood, immunity, healing, appetite, recovery. Sleep deprivation can reduce testosterone by 10%-20%.

  2. Diet – eating a well-balanced diet, keeping low blood sugar levels, keeping your alcohol intake low.

  3. Exercise – it can help you keeping you T levels healthy by reducing insulin resistance and improving body composition.

  4. Maintain a healthy weight.

Instead of wasting your money on testosterone booster get a gym membership, well after the pandemic 😊.

If you have any question let me know.

All the best.


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