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Strength Training & Injury Prevention

Just a short post today, I’ve been a busy over the weekend with my boy’s 3rd birthday.

On Saturday I took my Kettlebell Fitness class through a special birthday workout in his honour. It went as follows:

1 Arm Clean and Push Press x 5l/r x 3 min Turkish Get Up x 1l/r x 3min Hindu Squat x 3 min Bridge Hold x 3min Push Up (any variation) x 3min Swings x 3min l/r

Do you see the theme?

Anyhow, back to the point.

Next Saturday is the Strength Training & Injury Prevention seminar for MMA. Of course all are welcome, you don’t have to be an MMA fighter to gain from the seminar.

We have 4 speakers, including myself. Opening the day will be Mark Sexton, a top physiotherapist and Martial Artist, I will follow, then Paul Cox and finally Yoga and Somatics expert, Anne Dempsey. Mark will be talking about the Shoulder and Knee mainly, covering the most common injuries their treatment and prevention. Of course he’ll be available for questions.

Paul will be talking about kettlebell training and how it can strengthen and protect the joints while at the same time building explosive power and stamina unlike anything else.

Anne is going to go over Hip and shoulder stretching, spine mobilisation and injury prevention through somatic exercise. She’s also promised to teach some meditation and relaxation techniques that will help anyone with prefight nerves.

For my own section I intend to cover the most bang for the buck bodyweight exercises that any fighter should be doing. Why bodyweight? Well, it’s simple. It is simply the most underrated and underutilized training modality out there. Bodyweight training has been around for ever and is the corner stone of almost every top performer, it only the amateur level athletes that seem to think it is of little use. I intend to show the drills that develop strength, power, endurance as well as mobility and balance. Drills that strengthen the tendons and ligaments as well as the muscles. Drills that will help the body resist injury and can be performed anywhere without the need for equipment.

I’ll also be explaining the core principles behind a successful strength and conditioning program for martial arts and why your current program is letting you down.

Overall it promises to be a great day.

There are still a few spots available, you can book a place by emailing us on Cost for the day is €80, roughly that same cost as a trip to the physio!



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