Strength Training Does Not Improve Human Movement.

Strength training does not improve human movement.


So why the hell do we bother?

First a bit of a back story.

As you’re reading this I’m sitting the Anatomy in Motion (AiM) Level 3 course, continuing on from the study I’ve done the last 18 months into this method of looking at human movement.

Anatomy in Motion in action

Anatomy in Motion in action

And in these last 18 months I’ve come to understand movement on a whole other level thanks to the teachings of AiM creator Gary Ward and his faithful sidekick Chris Sritharan.

It was Chris who first said to me that strength training doesn’t improve human movement, and he stopped me and really made me look at what we as Strength & Conditioning guys really do.

I can’t talk for all S&C guys, but essentially we aim to build more efficient and effective athletes by increasing their Strength, Mobility and Endurance.

Strength is essentially force production, how much power the muscles can generate to move a joint or joints.


Mobility is about developing and controlling the full range of motion in each joint in the body, particularly in relation to all the other joints.

van damme kick

Endurance then is the ability to just keep going. It’s about getting the oxygen into the muscles to keep the producing force over and over again.