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Steve Cotter Dublin Workshop

We’re only a few weeks away from the legend that is Mr Steve Cotter landing on our shores!

Steve was one of the founding fathers of what was the RKC headed up by Pavel Tsatsouline. Back then, Pavel, the Steves (Cotter & Maxwell) and Mike Mahler were the authorities in the world of kettlebell lifting.

But not only that, they all demonstrated a holistic training method incorporating mobility, movement, endurance and a long term viewpoint.

Of the them, Steve Cotter shows the most holistic methods of them all.

Maybe it’s his background in the Chinese Martial Arts that created this attitude.

But when Steve teaches, he does so from a view point of health first.

Yes he trains for and has achieved ridiculous levels of Strength, Mobility and Endurance, but never at the expense of longevity. So while many S&C guys are struggling with injury, Steve seems unstoppable.

Maybe that’s why he’s in such high demand across the globe.

Over the years I’ve hosted Steve at my gym, each time learning something more about applying his methodology.

And I’m delighted to be having him back again, even if it is just for a 4 hour workshop.

On Thursday 21st May, he’ll be back in Wild Geese. We’ll be taking a look at the Flexibility for Athletes program he’s developed as well as throwing around some kettlebells and taking a Q&A

We’ve still got the early bird price going, but that expires on Friday. Even still, what we’re asking for the workshop isn’t much considering what you stand to get out of it.

This button will take you to the booking page:

Eventbrite - Steve Cotter Dublin Workshop

We have limited availability, so please ensure you’ve booked your place.

And for your enjoyment, here’s an old clip of him showing of some loaded mobility:

And that booking link again:

Eventbrite - Steve Cotter Dublin Workshop

I’m looking forwards to the workshop, and simply hanging out with Steve again. Hopefully I’ll see you there.


Dave Hedges

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