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Steve Cotter Confirmed & Today’s Workout

On Saturday 27th November, that’s this coming saturday, at 10 am a small group of people will be gathered at Wild Geese HQ, Dublin to learn from one of the worlds most in demand coaches.

Mr Steve Cotter, president of, is returning for a second visit to Ireland.

While it’s all been a bit short notice, I want to thank the guys that have sent through their deposits. Even though we haven’t the 10 people confirmed that we’d hoped for, Steve is still only asking for €300 each. This does mean that there is space left for a few more people. So tell your friends.

The day will start at 10am sharp, and will cover some of the many aspects that make Steve’s training system so unique and effective. He’s promised Mobility, Flexibility, Chi Gung, Kettlebells and Bodyweight. By the time we finish at 4pm, there will be a roomful of sweaty, tired and more knowledgable coaches and athletes.

Now for today’s workout. It comes courtesy of the Saturday Combat Conditioning class and follows the Power Circuit format.

1 – Front Squat x 3 – increase weight each round 2 – Dips x max 3 – Heavy Kettlebell Snatch x 3-5 l/r 4 – Sledgehammer slams x 10 l/r

Perform 5 rounds as a circuit with minimal rest between exercises. Rest 1-2 minutes between rounds. The squat and snatch must be performed heavy. If you’re a Dips master, add weight. And hit the tyre with that hammer as hard and fast as you can.



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