Spice Up Your Push Up Training

Women Push Ups

Before we get to that, One of my lads was working with push ups and asked me to put up a few variations for him, always happy to oblige I gave him 10 including the standard push up.

He was kind enough to video this very quick demonstration: [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiGW7fiPa7o] Now back to the Push up challenge. The program the guys downloaded looked unrealistic to me, but they’re a tough lot and had a crack at it anyhow. Most got stuck pretty quick and all progress stalled. So here’s the method I’ve given then as an alternative:

Train five days per week using the undulating method. Essentially it goes like this: Monday – warm up and knock out a max set. We’ll call this 100% Tuesday – 60% Wednesday – 80% Thursday – 70% Friday – 95% Next Monday go for a new maximum.

The percentages are variable, what is important is that you go all out on the Monday and vary the intensity over the rest of the week.

Have a play and see how you get on.

Regards Dave Hedges www.WG-Fit.Com


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