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Some Highlights from 2015

Well, it’s 2016 and everyone is just getting back on their feet and finding their rhythm again after the Xmas break.

While I’m not one for sentimentality, the end of the year does remind us to look back and take stock of what we have done over the last 12 months so that we can be better armed for what is to come in the next 12 months.

So what did happen in 2015?

Anatomy in Motion has really taken off! I’ve been using AiM in the gym both as part of peoples regular training as well as having people come in specifically for assessments. The general consensus is that it is a form of witchcraft, which I’m totally cool with!

Truth is, in 2015 I re-took their levels 1 & 2 as well as finally took the final level 3 course.

Gary Ward (left) and Chris Sritharan, the brains behind AiM

Gary Ward (left) and Chris Sritharan, the brains behind AiM

The principles that underlie the processes are becoming ever more clear to me, which means the training programs I’m writing for people recently may look unusual with odd movements, but the results they are bringing are nothing short of astonishing.

Case in point:

Jamie Whelan, Semi-Professional Mountain Bike rider.


Jamie came to me on recommendation as he was struggling. In fact his race season was taking a down turn and he was considering pulling out. He was being beaten by injury.

And for a mountain biker, injury is par for the course.

Not Jamie, but doing what Jamie does best!

Not Jamie, but doing what Jamie does best!

A couple of months later he won the league.


And that was all down to applying Anatomy in Motion thinking to train the body he presented when he came in the door. Without AiM he wouldn’t have finished the season, never mind won the league!

The other big result we had was from the Kyokushin full contact Karate.

Aneta was sent to me by her coach with a very short window of opportunity to help prepare her for the upcoming World Championships in Russia.

I know karate inside out and understand the combat sports better than any other, so working with her in preparation was a pleasure.

She brought home the bronze medal, her final fight was apparently an all out war that could have gone either way. Unfortunately it didn’t go hers.

Not that she was fazed. 2 weeks after coming home she was in the UK for the British Championship, Europe’s premier Kyokushin event. She reached the final where she met the newly crowned World Champion.

And beat her.

Aneta Axe Kick

Her coach was delighted. He said he’s never seen her fight as hard, as aggressively and as powerfully as she had in Russia and the UK.

The key point in the training we provided for Aneta was the mental preparation. The actual training wasn’t anything particularly special, it was fairly standard Strength & Conditioning work specific to her needs. But extra effort was done on getting her mindset right, developing mental toughness, drive and focus. Which to be fair was already there, it just needed an edge put on it.

I’ve always understood how important the mind is to performance. I’ve always appreciated how proper skeletal alignment allows the body to move freely, without pain to reach a level of performance previously unavailable.


And in 2015 these thoughts were realised to a greater extent than ever before.

Anatomy in Motion is the biggest thing to happen to Wild Geese since I opened, and last year was the biggest year for Anatomy in Motion.

This year will be bigger again,

I’ll be following this up with more highlights from last year, but for now there’s a sale going on on all my eBooks.

You get 20% of all eBooks for the remainder of January by entering the code jan15ebook at the checkout.

Take advantage while you can

Till next time

Dave Hedges

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