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So you can hold a plank, what now?

The Plank……..

It’s a gym exercise that either creates dread or yawns.

You see the plank has been regarded for the last while as some panacea for all things core. But the good Doc Stuart McGill, the foremost researcher on spinal mechanics doesn’t agree. And he knows a few things. GSP went to see him about core training back in the day!

McGill has said that once you can hold the plank for 2 minutes, it is of no further use.

And I see no reason to disagree with him.

2 minutes shows enough core muscle endurance to keep the spine safe. And that’s it. There’s zero strength to gain by going longer. In fact, McGills more recently told us that several sets of 10 seconds is more than adequate for most people.

But you….

You are NOT most people!

You have nailed your 2 minute plank and are now looking for something more…

Here it is.

This is an exercise that offers a full body challenge, hip, shoulder and spine mobility AND stability is equal measures. And yes, we call it a plank.

Actually, we call it a Clock Plank and it’s based on the work of Gary Ward, the guy I learned Anatomy in Motion from.

And here how it’s done:

You’ll be surprised at how humbling this exercise can be, if you have a weak link, this will highlight it.

Now, go play!

Regards Dave Hedges

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