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Snatch Hand Insertion

After yesterdays post on the Kettlebell Snatch and the training template included (click here if you missed it: I feel compelled to share this video snippet

I took this clip and slowed it down to show the hand going in and out of the kettlebell

This is the part of the lift that takes time to really get to grips with (no pun intended)

To really get a a hold of it (ok, I'll stop now....) you must actually let go!


See how the hand disengages completely?

This allows me to transition from the swing grip where the bell is in the fingers, to the overhead grip where the handle sits across the palm. Stages in developing this for yourself:

  1. Hand to hand swings. Swing the bell up, let it go, it should hover, floating right there, right in front of you so you can take hold with the opposite hand. The key: ensure the base of the kettlebell remains lower than the handle at all times. When confident, try clapping your hands once, twice even three times before catching the bell...

  2. Hand Switch Snatch This an exercise that look cool and intimidating, it was in yesterday's post but bears repeating. It's not as hard as you think, but do be prepared to drop the bell. As soon as you reach competence at this, you no longer need to do it, unless you want to keep it in your warm ups:

Work these drills until you can't get them wrong and you'll find the hand insertions into and back out of the kettlebell handle starts to get easier and smoother. Meaning less risk of blisters and tears and less grip fatigue

Happy Snatching


Dave Hedges

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