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Smarter not Harder

This weekend is a big weekend for the #WGFAMILY 

Aneta is on her way to Lithuania for a big Kyokushin full contact Karate tournament 

And my Kettleheads GS Team are heading down to Cork for the Kettlebell Sport Irish Nationals 

There was supposed to be 5 going down. But one lad picked up an injury.

Feel free to drop these guys a message on our Facebook page or closed Group

If you’ve watched in our window as these guys train, mostly in the early mornings, you’ll notice they all do things differently.

Even the Kettlebell Sport guys, who all do the same lifts have different looking training

This is because there are no magic exercises.

What suits this person, might not suit that person

What his body needs might not be what your body needs.

Her training history isn’t the same as your training history.

So we need to look at where you are, where you want to get to and then plan the journey.

This is the magic.

It’s not just working hard.

You can work hard in the wrong direction

It’s about working smart.

It’s about being efficient, selecting exercises and protocols with the help of Occam’s Razor

Understanding that more is often just more.

That is magic

That is how you win


Dave Hedges 

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