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Simple Kettlebell Snatch Training Template

The Kettlebell Snatch, so called the "Tsar of Kettlebell Lifts" is a thing of beauty.

It's tough lift to master as it can be very very technically demanding. Here's an example:

These links will take you through a series of articles I put together a few years ago that cover everything you need to know about the snatch and maybe a few bits you don't I highly recommend you bookmark them and refer back to them:

But how do we program a Kettlebell Snatch focused training plan?

At the moment online there are many 5 minute Kettlebell Sport events happening, not only that, the Hard Style guys have quite exacting expectations of numbers for the Snatch within 5 minutes.

So here is a training template I've used with my Kettlebell Sport team, the Kettleheads, for years. It does assume basic competency in the lift and access to two kettlebells, one of the test weight, one lighter. It is a template in that it only concerns itself with the snatch, I'll offer warm up and assistance work options after.

5 Minute Snatch Test Preparation Template

Day 1: 2 Min / 5 Min / 4 Min Day 2: 2 Min / 7 Min (light, technical, easy pace) Day 3: 5 x 2 Mins (fastest pace possible) Day 4: 4 Min (test weight), 6 min (light weight)

Work to rest ratio's are all 1:1, so if you work for 4 minutes, you rest for 4 minutes. Use a bell weight that allows you complete the time.

Train 3-4 days per week for 6 weeks, test before commencing and again after completing the training. Training split suggestions (1 = training day, 0 = rest/variety day)

  • 1101100

  • 1010100

  • 1101010

Warm up is your own choice, include swings of various heights in the warm up. Assistance work will focus on the legs, core and any weak areas. We will always work legs, be that Squats, RDL's or all manner of lunges, high reps are better. If grip is a problem, heavy 1 hand swings to grip fatigue are recommended, as is hanging from a pull up bar. Ab work, have fun with. As ever, if you have questions, get in touch. And if you want a more structured program that assumes no experience whatsover, you can sign up for the Beginner Kettlebell Sport Program I run trough Train Heroic here:


Dave Hedges

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