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Should You Go To The Gym While Injured?

The Wg-Fit crew tend to be an adventurous lot.

That means they aren’t doing fitness training to look a certain way, they are training to be able to go out and do whatever it is they want. I talk a lot about my competitive athletes, naturally, but even the non athletes are more interested in performance than they are appearance.

To them performance may be simply keeping up with their kids. It might be a weekly soccer meet up, or a hill walk on the weekend.

But, because of the adventurous nature, I get messages, texts and emails frequently that read along the lines of:

“Dave, I’ve picked up an injury, should I stay home and rest?”

9 times out of 10 the answer I give to this question is “No, get yourself in to me” The reason is simple. As we’re discovering more an more from Pain Science, it is as much psychology, both of yourself and those around you, as it it a physical.

Where better to heal up than in a room full of supportive people all looking to help each other improve?

Plus, in the gym, I can help you find the exercises you can do, identify the areas you can work. This helps you focus on what you can do and not what you can’t. It also, usually, offers the opportunity to dial in on specific weak spots that may otherwise have been brushed over.

And of course, if this is recurring injury or an “out of the blue” thing, then we can always get you in for an Anatomy in Motion Assessment to figure out what you need to do to manage it and get yourself back on track.

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