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September International Karate Camp – UKAI – Cork Ireland

The first European/Asian UKAI autumn will take place (for the first time) in Cork, Ireland on the 5th and 6th of September 2009.

It will be a two day camp with the most senior of American and European karate instructors.

This camp is organized by Sensei Paul Allan 7th Dan Shotokan,

And currently will provide instruction in:-

  1. Shotokan

  2. Taekwondo

  3. Koryu Uchinadi

  4. MMA

  5. Fitness for combat athlethics

  6. Health and wellness

  7. Aikido

  8. Sport Karate

  9. Kobudo

[With more to be confirmed.]

As an example, here was the schedule/plan for the May 2009 camp,

Venue/current details and the option to express interest in the September 2009 camp can be found at this link,

Otherwise please contact Sensei Paul Allan directly,

+353 (0) 86 8112281


Wild Geese

every cause but our own

Kenpo / Eskrima / BJJ / Strength & Conditioning

+353 87 672 6090

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