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Routine Discipline

Results require consistent, conscious effort.

Consistency is a matter of routine A matter of scheduling A matter of habit

It's very simple, although admittedly, not easy

Your daily routine already exists, whether you like it or not, what that routine looks like is a series of compromises between the various commitments you have through the day and through the week.

Ensuring that your training is an integral part of that routine is simply a matter of planning.

But once that plan is in place this is where discipline comes in.

Discipline is simply sticking to the plan, following the routine and putting in the required effort.

The required effort to cook your food The required effort to do your paid employment

The required effort to get enough rest and recuperation

The required effort to earn that rest and recuperation

and so on

This takes conscious effort.

You must take control.

Each day have a small period of time dedicated to thinking about the next day(s) Time dedicated to putting a plan together and ensuring the elements are in place to carry out that plan.

Elements such as food for the day, so your not tempted to get take out Elements such as having your clothes ready to go so you don't waste time searching Elements such as knowing the training that will be done and having a time slot for it to happen.

Yes, curve balls get thrown, plans don't always pan out. But if you have a plan than you have the baseline from which you can improvise and adapt to whatever curve balls come your way. No plan, and you're swinging blind!

All this is conscious. It doesn't happen by accident.

If you're not consciously in control of your day, your actions. Then who is?


Dave Hedges

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